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Operation & Maintenance Manager


Hy2gen Group is developing, building, owning and operating electrolyzer facilities for the production of green hydrogen and green hydrogen-based e-fuels such as methanol, jet-fuel and ammonia.

Being founded in 2017, Hy2gen has a leading position in the green hydrogen market. Currently, Hy2gen’s project pipeline has reached 11 Gigawatts of electrolyzer capacity with the 6 main production plants located in Canada, France, Germany and Norway.

Hy2gen has a unique blend of expertise in business development, marketing, technology and operations in the renewable energy sector.

To support our progress in Norway, we are looking for a Project Controller to drive performance, ensure project control, support project leadership team, and coordinate business planning and commercial activities.


  • During FEED, follow-up on key documents and 3D Model Reviews
  • Fully involve during the Detailed Engineering and Construction
  • Forecast requirements; prepare an annual budget; schedule expenditures; analyse variances; initiating corrective actions
  • Develop operations systems by determining product handling and storage requirements; develop, implement, enforce, and evaluate policies and procedures; develop processes for receiving product, equipment utilization, inventory management, and shipping
  • Maintain safe and healthy work environment by establishing, following, and enforcing standards and procedures; complying with legal regulations
  • Responsible for all department managers and supervisors, with review/approval responsibility for all operations employees and for all aspects of vehicle and heavy equipment rentals
  • Run a safe, injury/accident free workplace
  • Establish contracts and pricing and ensuring proper maintenance and serving as primary liaison with utilities and local government agencies, such as fire, police, health, and safety agencies
  • Manage relationships with key operations vendors
  • Track vendor pricing, rebates, and service levels
  • Review and approve all operational invoices and ensure they are submitted for payment
  • Serve as primary point of contact when there are customer issues related to equipment quality, customer service, or accidents and mishaps on-site. In particular, this includes any issues on-site at client facilities, such as breaking a fence or tape residue on flooring
  • Communicate all operating policies and/or issues at department meetings

Ønskede kvalifikasjoner

  • General technical education (Bachelor degree)
  • + 5 years of operations management experience
  • Vast knowledge of Contracts and Budgets
  • Proven ability to work as an effective team player
  • Comprehensive Onshore Construction
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Woking experience in multicultural environment
  • Experience of heavy industrial, semiconductor, chemical or pharmaceutic plants is important.

Vi tilbyr

Duration: Permanent position

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