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Hy2gen Group is developing, building, owning and operating electrolyzer facilities for the production of green hydrogen and green hydrogen-based e-fuels such as methanol, jet-fuel and ammonia.

Being founded in 2017, Hy2gen has a leading position in the green hydrogen market. Currently, Hy2gen’s project pipeline has reached 11 Gigawatts of electrolyzer capacity with the 6 main production plants located in Canada, France, Germany and Norway.

Hy2gen has a unique blend of expertise in business development, marketing, technology and operations in the renewable energy sector.

To support our progress in Norway, we are looking for a Project Controller to drive performance, ensure project control, support project leadership team, and coordinate business planning and commercial activities.

The objective of the position is to ensure compliance with established Hy2gen and Project specific procedures and engineering design standards during Final Study Phase of the project and the timely completion of the activities.

The scope of the position covers all reviews and support of piping, painting and insulation design activities associated with the Engineering Contractor*s activities for the project.

Reporting to the Engineering Manager and responsible for undertaking, piping, painting and insulation design reviews in accordance with appropriate technical standards and specifications associated with the services provided by the Engineering Contractor.

Piping, painting and insulation design review activities are in support of the Project and development initiatives and include support to other disciplines during the Final Study engineering phase.

Stimulates challenges and supports the Engineering Contractor to strive for easy/simple solutions and to avoid unnecessary changes. Takes part in the Constructability reviews.

Ensure that the local Tie-ins and As Built documentation are reviewed correctly and correctly taken into the design.

Follows the piping, painting and insulation quantities and checks these in the estimate.

Follows the development of the execution schedule ensuring both the timings and sequencing are correct.

Where budget bid enquires are prepared, check technically both the issuance and bid analysis that they are of the correct quality.

Work Tasks

Take responsibility for the Engineering Contractor’s deliverables as per the Contract and ensure these are both issued for design and fully signed off by both the Engineering Contractor and Hy2gen.

A prime responsibility is the development and maintenance of good and beneficial relationships with, contractors, partners, vendors, local Hy2gen organisation and other Hy2gen businesses and third parties such as engineering institutions, certification bodies etc..

General duties

  • have a full knowledge of the Feasibility Engineering package
  • have a full knowledge of the Engineering Contractors scope as per the Contract
  • have a full understanding of the Engineering Contractors Schedule and the activities and deliverables for the discipline and be a driver to ensure the latter are achieved in a timely manner.
  • prior to commencing work, agree with the Engineering Manager the proposed budget, for his department, for the work to be undertaken.
  • ensure that all tasks assigned by the Engineering Manager are completed on time and within budget
  • attend internal / external design reviews and other meetings, as necessary
  • attend internal training courses as requested by the Engineering Manager and be aware of external training courses which could be of benefit
  • keep up to date with and adhere to Company and Project related procedures
  • make himself/herself fully familiar with Company Common Engineering Specifications and its local amendments and ensure deviation requested are raised accordingly, logged and followed up.. Give the appropriate feedback to the workgroup.


  • Master degree in Mechanical Engineering (or equivalent)
  • Minimum 10 years of working experience
  • High degree of computer literacy.
  • Vast knowledge of the discipline
  • Previous knowledge of Mechanical installations
  • Technical experience, preferably in a maintenance or Project environment working with Contactors.
  • Comprehensive Onshore Construction and investment project Experience
  • Woking experience in multicultural environment
  • Experience of large-scale chemical plants is important

Personal Characteristics

  • Proven ability to work as an effective team player
  • Self-motivated with ability to supervise and motivate small team
  • Willingness to travel
  • High ethical standards
  • Commercial understandings
  • Good communication skills
  • Cultural awareness

We offer

Duration: 1 1/2 years

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