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Do you need help recruiting, or do you have a temporary position to fill?

Here at Vega Consultants AS, we work hard to find the right person for the right job. To succeed in this, we ensure that we maintain a good process so that employers seeking to hire get employees with the right background, characteristics, competences and experience, as well as the motivation needed to succeed in their new role. Our contribution towards achieving better results is to ensure a robust, swift and quality-driven recruitment process, for both permanent and temporary positions.

We work in many different industries and disciplines.

At Vega Consultants, you will always meet experienced and competent advisers who value hassle-free processes and good results. We work with a wide range of clients who all have their own unique needs, ranging from a desire to grow and upscale, support during organisational changes, restructuring and downsizing, or general advice and assistance. Vega Consultants aims to be the go-to partner for candidates and companies alike. We believe strongly in self-improvement, and we want to ensure good results for our customers by securing the best candidates.

We work according to tried and tested models, and conduct in-depth interviews and reference checks on all our candidates. We also offer occupational psychology tests, profile tests and analyses.