Recruiting for permanent positions

Every day we work on finding the right people for the right job, and we have helped many companies find specialists, technical and administrative personnel, managers, etc.

Recruitment involves finding candidates for a permanent position at your company. Here we help you manage the recruitment process by advertising the position, accepting applications, interviewing candidates on your behalf or in collaboration with you, and conducting a reference check before the candidate receives a job offer.

You often pay a share for administration and advertising costs when an offer is made, and then you pay the rest when the candidate has been hired. After this, the cooperation with the agency is considered complete.

Staffing solutions for temporary positions

Does your company have a project that needs extra staffing, or is someone going on leave? Then it may be a good idea to explore temporary staffing options.

With temporary staffing, the candidate is employed by us while they perform the job at your company. We then become the employer. You tell us what you need, and we present several qualified candidates for you to interview. We hire, and you pay based on their approved timesheet.

Management for hire

Sometimes companies face a temporary challenge that they need external management to help solve. Here, "management for hire" can be a good alternative.

Our managers have experience from running companies, as well as management in connection with sales and acquisitions, restructuring and reorganization of routines, systems, production, etc.

Do get in touch to tell us more about you and your company's needs.

We would also like to hear from you if you have this expertise and would like to work as a consultant.

Recruiting boardmembers

Companies experience different challenges in different phases, and sometimes it is beneficial to connect people who can give the company a boost and new input.

We have several exciting board candidates in challenging and good positions in the Stavanger district.

Get in touch for an informal conversation if you want us to connect you with any of these candidates. We would also like to hear from you if you yourself are interested in a board position.