Psychometric tests

We are certified in the personality tests Aon Assessment (also known as CUTE) and NEO (also known as the “Big 5”).

Kjersti Jonker

Aon Assessment/CUTE

With the help of the Aon Assessment, you can measure a candidate’s abilities and skills, as well as carry out personality and motivation mapping. It is possible to use these two test categories separately or combine them, depending on what is appropriate.

Aon Assessment and other skill-based tests, measure reasoning and specific abilities or skills, such as concentration, the ability to make logical inferences, text comprehension, number comprehension, etc.

When it comes to personality and motivation mapping, being able to predict how a candidate will act and behave in the workplace is of great value when it comes to making an informed hiring decision. Aon’s work-related personality tests measure personality dimensions that are relevant to the workplace, and evaluate qualities such as cooperation, ambition and sensitivity.

Online mapping has clear advantages compared to traditional mapping. Firstly, no administrators are needed in an online solution. This means that gut feeling is not a factor when administering the test or scoring its results. Web-based mapping is therefore highly objective. Secondly, online mapping can predict how well a candidate is suited for a specific position, with a relatively high degree of accuracy.

These tests are certified by DNV-GL.

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NEO – Big 5

As heard on the NRK-podcast «Sånn er du» with Harald Eia and Nils Brenna

The personality assessment NEO measures five comprehensive dimensions of personality. The answers/assessments the candidate provides to various statements regarding thoughts, feelings and goals are compared with other people’s answers to the same statements. This provides a baseline with which to describe the candidate’s personality more in-depth. The model used is called the Five Factor Model. 

It is not an intelligence or ability test, nor is it designed to diagnose mental health problems or neurodivergence. However, it will give you a better understanding of what makes you or your candidate unique regarding the way they think, feel and interact with others.

The feedback provided is intended to provide a general overview of how you would describe the candidate’s personality.

There is a full-scale profile with 240 questions, and a less nuanced profile (which is often used in a job context) with 70 questions.

We also use a separate test to create a profile for specific positions. When we recruit, we know qualities and traits are important for the right candidate to succeed in their role. Again, we are concerned with finding “the right person for the right job”. This test becomes a useful tool in the selection process – both for the person hiring and for the person to be hired. The test is available in most languages. Feedback is given either in Norwegian or English.

This test is certified by DNV GL.

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