Quality Control Coordinator

Vega Consultants AS
Quality Control Coordinator
Nes Fircroft Fircroft (AkerBP, Aibel )


Register Clients Hold/Witness activities from ITPs across the alliances in Pims QI module according to set up.

Update and maintain Quality Control Management Program in Pims for project.

Follow-up of fabrication activity status across Alliances.

Ensure fabrication activity reports are included in Pims activities.

Ensure Non- Conformities detected by inspectors at site are logged and controlled.

Ensure Lesson Learned captured in the fabrication activities are included in ABP LL register.

Follow-up the overdue actions in Pims

Participate/assist in inspector coordination for site activities according to Notification of Inspection.

Assist in Quality PIMS training.

Assist to maintain the FFA TI SharePoint site to ensure documentation are available for TI inspectors

Data entry and reports in QI/QM module in Pims.

Participate in the Clients criticality assessments and inspection manning planning.

Establish and follow-up PIMS quality management (QM) module for inspection follow-up and reporting.

May act as QA/QC delegate in Audits performed of contractors and sub-suppliers.

Follow up duties and responsibilities given the by the Quality Control Lead.

Contribute to fulfilment of the See to duty

Be involved from Client in procurement processes and packages from a QC point of view.

Assis in Clients participation in relevant ITP activities.

Assist to oversee that Clients contractors and their sub-suppliers have sound QA/QC systems in place ensuring acceptable quality of the supplied items.

Work according to the alliance principles, “One for all, all for one” by; · Building trust-based rel trust-based relationship, supporting openness and transparency.

· Actively participate and collaborate.

· Support alliance partners commercial targets by working as one team.

· Flow efficient execution by working as one team.

· Challenge work processes, standards, and support simplification and standardization.

Be visible, proactive and support Alliance management teams in being exemplary HSSEQ and be a role model within the project team.

Support the expectation that the Alliance will establish world class tools through innovation and sharing best practices and lessons learned. Build a HSSEQ culture based on openness, trust, and excellence.

Be loyal to the Alliance and not be biased toward own company interests.

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