Senior Maintenance Engineer

Vega Consultants AS
Senior Maintenance Engineer
Nes Fircroft Fircroft (AkerBP, Aibel )


Responsible for operations follow up and input project delivery with special focus on Reliability and Maintenance.
The position will be part of the pre-operations organization.
The position shall represent operations and ensure compliance with central Company requirements towards the maintenance engineering vendor company and the alliance partners.


Deliver operations input to design phase to ensure minimal maintenance interventions and increased efficiency in operations phase
Utilize digital and technical solutions to optimize R&M deliverables in support of the operating strategy
Follow up and ensure quality assurance of deliverables from maintenance engineering vendor including technical hierarchy, equipment consequence classification, RCM, RAM and FMECA analysis, spare parts & PM programs.
Pursue remote R&M operation functionality (e.g. operation and maintenance, testing, calibration, monitoring) through use of digital twin, automated solutions, and technology
Contribute to correct identification and maintenance of barrier-functions, -systems and -elements in an asset LC perspective
Ensure close collaboration with Company`s onshore operation team and discipline engineers in pre-ops team to identify optimal maintenance strategies for various equipment groups
Enable high production efficiency by using predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and digital solutions for early indication of equipment failure
Follow up Capital and Operational spares (SPIR) project deliverables
Working closely with maintenance engineering vendor company representatives and ensure implementation of requirements of Design Basis, M&I Functional Requirements, Operations strategy and Codes and Standards.
Collaborate with central M&I function and relevant Technical Authorities in achieving standardization through Maintenance and Test Concepts
Work together with Ops prep team in other field development projects and alliances, seeking improvement and alignment
Involved in technology evaluation, qualification and implementation


0800 – 1600
Location Stavanger
Commuters can be accepted

Ønskede kvalifikasjoner

Bachelor’s degree or higher within a relevant field
Minimum 8-10 years relevant professional experience
Competence within maintenance management methods and processes, preferably both theoretical and practical
Experience working with offshore installations.
Experience working in multidiscipline teams and handling complex interfaces.
Knowledge of oil & gas project management approaches, tools, and phases of the project lifecycle will be advantageous.
Excellent communication skills, verbally and written, both Norwegian and English
Experience with and understanding of NORSOK standards and PSA regulatory requirements related to maintenance and integrity.

Personlige egenskaper

Customer-oriented, strong team player, seeking collaboration with focus on what is best for the company
Ability to “get things done” in close collaboration with stakeholders across functions, business units and alliance partners.
Structured, analytical, and self-motivated.

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